Our 1/2 acre garden is located on 65 gorgeous rolling hills in Buffalo, TX. A beautiful place to live and work, there are always cows mooing in the distance, chickens clucking, and our 4 loyal dogs yapping away.


the design studio

When you choose Tin Cup to provide flowers for your wedding day, you are choosing ultra fresh flowers picked a few days before your wedding. The quality is excellent, the colors are vibrant, and the smell is unbeatable. Local flowers are the environmentally friendly choice!



Native Texans and first generation farmers.

We married in 2016, and talked about having some land and having careers that allowed us to work with our hands was a long term goal for the both of us. I, Aelish, grew up visiting my Grandparent’s Ohio sheep farm every summer, wandering the little gravel paths of my Grandmother’s English style garden. Some of my earliest memories are watching bees dance around on Japanese anemones, breadseed poppies waving gently in the wind and the smell of my great-great-great Grandma Marion’s antique rose bush by the old farmhouse that’s been a part of my family’s history since the 1850s. I always dreamed flowers & farming would someday be a part of my life.

David is the muscle and researcher behind this operation! I couldn’t do it without him. From keeping up with Quickbooks to pulling endless weeds to creating beautiful wedding arbors (really - he’s the best at this!) he’s the backbone of Tin Cup. We are grateful for the opportunity to work together and build something that is our own. Flowers bring so much joy to the receiver, and we are grateful to bring even a tiny bit of beauty into the world.