early spring wedding | TEXAS FARMER FLORIST


I think early march in the south might be the best time to get married. The flowers that are blooming at this time are spectacular. Rosy throated daffodils, ruffly tulips, curvaceous spirea, and the sweetest muscari really shone on this day. We were hoping for black and white anenomes, but nature didn’t cooperate, and so we did without. I don’t think we missed them too much! Last winter was so long and so cold. It snowed 4 times on the farm throughout that winter! Before that, I had seen snow in Texas maybe 4 times total in my 28 years. I am hoping and praying this winter is much shorter and kinder to us. I think it will be, the daffodils are already pushing up through the ground, and many wildflowers that are harbingers of early spring are already in bloom. I cannot wait to see the sunny faces of the daffodils and smell the sweetness of a hyacinth. There is no place better to be than a garden in early spring.


We were hoping to use a lot more product from the farm, but as said above, winter was so cold and long, we barely had the chance to use what we did! Daffodils, hyacinth, spirea, redbud, and jasmine came from our farm, and the rest from the wholesale market. I love the way everything turned out - so very springy.


So sweet in a hyacinth crown!