seasonal flowers. grown with love.

below are some examples of what are blooming in the seasons. we grow many different varieties and colors, that we cannot list them all! we hope this guide gives you an idea of what will be blooming for your wedding day.


after a cold, brown winter, the first flowers of spring are such treasures. the peach blossoms usually open first, followed by the daffodils, and then the anemones. there is no greater place to be then a garden in spring. the buttery garden roses, the freckled throats of the foxglove, the wiry stem of the scabiosa make our hearts sing! some examples of what we grow from February - May:

  • anemone

  • budding branches

  • daffodil

  • dara

  • delphinium

  • foxglove

  • garden rose

  • italian poppy

  • phlox

  • ranunculus

  • scabiosa

  • snapdragon

  • sweet pea

  • yarrow


summer is a riot of color and textures! the bounty of the field is overwhelming at times. it may be very hot and dry, but the bees and butterflies dance around on the blooms drunk with nectar and pollen. the smell of basil, tuberose, and nicotiana fill the night air. some examples of what we grow from May - September:

  • celosia

  • cosmos

  • gladiolus

  • gomphrena

  • herbs

  • lilies

  • lisianthus

  • marigolds

  • nicotiana

  • snapdragons

  • sunflowers

  • tuberose

  • rudbeckia

  • zinnias


after dry august, the garden slows down a bit. but there is no shortage of beautiful blooms! the garden roses pick up again, gorgeous heirloom pumpkins start to get their color, and the dahlias finally have some rest from the soaring heat. fall colors are some of the very best. some examples of what we grow from September - November:

  • amaranth

  • celosia

  • cotton

  • dahlia

  • dara

  • eucalyptus

  • garden roses

  • gomphrena

  • heirloom pumpkins

  • hibiscus foliage

  • marigold

  • ornamental kale

  • rudbeckia

  • stock

  • zinnia